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Gore Vidal In Memoriam

Air Dates: August 11-13, 2012
Gore Vidal      In Memoriam This interview was taped in May, 2007 and features a discussion with Gore Vidal on culture and literature. This is Part One of a two-part series. This program will not be seen by viewers in the KNME viewing area of Albuquerque and Santa Fe due to pledge drive activities. "Report from Santa Fe" will be prempted for three weeks on Channel 5, and then return on September 2. The program will air at the regular time on the other public television stations in New Mexico, KENW and KRWG. Watch Episode

Howard Zinn 5/21

Air Dates: May 21, 2007
Howard Zinn 5/21 Howard Zinn Watch Episode

Valerie Plame Wilson, author, "Fair Game"

Air Dates: July 28-30, 2012
Valerie Plame Wilson, author, This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is Valerie Plame Wilson, a former United States CIA Operations Officer and the author of “Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House,” a memoir detailing her career and the events leading up to her resignation from the CIA. “Fair Game” has been described as the historic and unvarnished account of the personal and international consequences of telling truth to power. Watch Episode

Bill Fulginiti

Air Dates: August 4-6, 2012
Bill Fulginiti This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is Bill Fulginiti, Executive Director of the New Mexico Municipal League, with an honest appraisal of some of New Mexico's most pressing problems: the loss of 6800 public sector jobs in the last 3 years, the possible bankruptcy of NM cities, the food tax, tax pyramiding, and more hot topics! Watch Episode

Colonel Ann Wright

Air Dates: July 21-23, 2012
Colonel Ann Wright Ann Wright is a former United States Army Colonel who served in the Army for 29 years, and a retired official of the U.S.State Department, known for her outspoken opposition to the Iraq War. She received the State Department Award for Heroism in 1997, after helping to evacuate several thousand people during the civil war in Sierra Leone. Wright is the author of Dissent: Voices of Conscience, Government Insiders Speak Out Against the War in Iraq, which includes a forward by longtime anti-war activist Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the top-secret Pentagon Papers in 1971. Wright discusses what she feels is the biggest military cover-up in U.S. History – the abuse of women soldiers. She reveals that one in three women who have been in our military have been sexually assaulted or raped during the time that they have been in the military service. Wright also explores the tragedy of the increases in soldier suicides. Having taught the Geneva Conventions at Ft. Bragg for years, Wright discusses the Bradley Manning case and the conditions of his detainment. She explores the results of citizen activism against the military's use of drones overseas and at home. Colonel Wright encourages her fellow citizens to find the courage of their convictions and take action against wrongdoing when they see it. Watch Episode

Attorney General Gary King

Air Dates: July 7-9, 2012
Attorney General Gary King This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is Gary King, Attorney General of the State of New Mexico. King discusses the Supreme Court's recent decision on the Affordable Care Act and reflects on the effects in New Mexico of the Supreme Court decisions on the Arizona Immigration laws. Attorney General King explores issues facing the Martinez administration, especially in terms the latest political scandal, “emailgate,” where emails involving state business have been sent on private partisan Internet servers instead of official state email channels. Human trafficking, water, the environment, animal cruelty and corruption are other topics addressed. Watch Episode

The St. John's Bible Project, "Illuminating the Word"

Air Dates: July 14-16, 2012
The St. John's Bible Project, This week's guests on REPORT FROM SANTA FE are Tom Leech, Curator of the Press at the Palace of the Governors, New Mexico History Museum, and Tim Ternes, the Director of the St. John’s Bible Project. The Saint John's Bible is the first completely handwritten and illuminated Bible to have been commissioned by a Benedictine Abbey since the invention of the printing press. The St. John's Bible takes its place among milestones of sacred literature and 44 pagesof this masterpiece– are being exhibited at the New Mexico History Museum. The exhibit, “Illuminating the Word,” will be at the History Museum through the end of December, 2012. Watch Episode