Devi Lockwood, author, "1,001 Voices on Climate Change"

Air Dates: April 29-May 1, 2023

April 27, 2023 -- This week’s guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is author, journalist, and adventurer Devi Lockwood discussing her new book "1,001 Voices on Climate Change: Everyday Stories of Flood, Fire, Drought and Displacement from Around the World."

She describes taking 5 years to bicycle through 20 countries, on 6 continents, wearing a sign saying: “Talk to me about climate change.”

Since her mode of transportation was a bicycle, she traveled on the small local roads that the ordinary people of each country used and so, many people approached her to tell their stories about how climate change has affected their lives, especially in terms of the availability of water. Tuvalu, Afghanistan, New Zealand, and the South Pacific are among the global points she writes about.

Lockwood points out that the language we use to talk about climate change is often very abstract and inaccessible, but that there are these human voices being impacted right now. She stresses. “I would encourage people to go out and listen in their communities, to try to understand what those impacts are that are happening right here, right now in New Mexico.”

Devi Lockwood is a commentator and Ideas Editor with the Philadelphia Inquirer, former editor and writer with the New York Times Opinion Column, earned an MS in science writing from MIT, and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 2014 for folklore and mythology. She writes about science, and climate change for The Guardian, Slate, WIRED, and the New York Times. She has attended UN Climate Conferences.