Valerie Plame, former covert CIA officer and author "Fair Game"

Air Dates: November 12-14, 2022

This week "Report from Santa Fe" presents an interview with former CIA covert officer VALERIE PLAME discussing the former president's mishandling and removal from their secure location boxes of "top secret" national security documents. 

Plame discusses former President Donald Trump's illegal possession and abuse of classified documents and what it means for the national security of the United States. Shealso discusses why the actual job of being a spy can be boring, and why women make great spies.

Having served in the field, Plame pulls no punches about the recent developments. “When this news first broke, it was absolutely shocking to those of us who understand what thismeans. Everyone in the intelligence community is required to sign a secrecy oath, which I did when I first started at the CIA and you agree not to reveal classified information, sources andmethods, which is most closely held of all secrets. Because that is how you collect intelligence, how you collect that information that is then given to our senior US policymakers. So, when thenews came out that boxes and boxes of classified information were found at Mar-a-Lago, this is clearly not an innocent mistake.”

She continues, “Given that there has been speculation that in some ways Trump was what we would call, “An unwitting asset of Putin and the Russia Government,” you do have to wonderwhat’s the role of all those documents, and his holding on to them...The question I want to know is why?”