Maggie Toulouse Oliver, NM Secretary of State

Air Dates: May 9-11, 2020


This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANlTA FE is New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver with a timely update and full details on New Mexico's June 2, 2020, Primary Election.

As Secretary of State, Toulouse Oliver is New Mexico’s chief elections officer. New Mexico has earned its great reputationfor election integrity.

This in-depth interview is jam-packed with everything one needs to know about the upcoming primary - the importance of sending in an application for Absentee Voting, then returning the Absentee Ballot once the voter has received it, and the public health and safety reasons not to vote in person this pandemic year.

Secretary Oliver also discusses the proposals for a national Vote by Mail system for the General election in November, and the many concerns that by this fall's election time, the country could be suffering a "double whammy" of a resurgence of the coronavirus flu coupled with outbreaks of the seasonal flu.

The Secretary of State provides answers to questions such as how to reinstate a voter's registration if they have been purged from the voter rolls, what are the steps being taken to prevent the disenfranchisement of large groups of voters such as Native Americans, and what is being done to guard against the international and national hacking of our voting system and shore up the protection of the integrity of our voting system?

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