Dana Priest, author and winner of 2 Pulitzer Prizes for her reporting for the Washington Post

Air Dates: June 1-3, 2019

This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is DANA PRIEST, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The Washington Post. Priest is an expert on U.S. intelligence, military, cybersecurity, and human rights.

Featured in the 2018 PBS FRONTLINE program "The Facebook Dilemma," Priest discusses critical issues with Facebook in this RFSF interview. She describes that the promise of Facebook was to create a more open and connected world. But from the company’s failure to protect millions of users’ data, to the proliferation of “fake news” and disinformation, mounting crises have raised the question: Is Facebook more harmful than helpful?

“As far back as 2014 in Ukraine, 2015 in the Philippines, and 2014 in Myanmar, they were telling (Facebook), your platform is being used to target people to assassinate them. Or in the case of Myanmar, which was the worst violence, to facilitate a genocide. Why didn’t you do anything? And in every case, including the American case, their answer is, “We were too slow, we are sorry, we are doing better now,” Priest states in this interview.

She also reveals that the UN announced that it had investigated and found that Facebook was partly responsible for the genocide in Myanmar, as it knew what was going on on its platform and did nothing.

Priest worked for nearly 30 years for the Washington Post . She speaks about two of her colleagues from the Post, JAMAL KHASHOGGI, the journalist brutally murdered and dismembered by Saudi operatives, and JASON REZAIAN, imprisoned for 544 days in Iran, and now released. Priest has formed a group called “The Press Uncuffed” and works with The Committee to Protect Journalists.