Dede Feldman, author "Another Way Forward," "Inside the NM Senate"

Air Dates: July 7-9, 2018

This week's guest on "Report from Santa Fe" is Dede Feldman, author of "Another Way Forward: Grassroots Solutions from New Mexico" and "Inside the New Mexico Senate: Boots, Suits, and Citizens." Feldman served as the Senator from Albuquerque's North Valley for 16 years from 1997-2012.

In her newest book "Another Way Forward: Grassroots Solutions from New Mexico," award-winning author and former Senator Dede Feldman profiles innovative organizations and inspiring local leaders who are changing the world in New Mexico, one neighborhood, one clinic, and one classroom at a time. For citizen advocates who have lost faith that real change is possible, this book offers hope that there is another path to community development with good jobs, accessible healthcare and education that opens doors for everyone, not just a few. Feldman's careful compilation of New Mexico success stories offers templates to anyone discouraged by the nation’s inability to tackle problems like poverty and health care and provides maps to a new kind of society.

Among the leaders and programs described in the book are Sanjeev Arora and Project Echo, Debbie O'Malley and the Sawmill Community Land Trust, the Santa Fe Fire Department's Andres Mercado and MIHO (Mobile Integrated Health Office), Ona Porter and Prosperity Works, and Bob DeFelice and First Choice Community Health Care.

“Dede Feldman is at it again, with a new book reminding us that real change comes from the bottom up. She shares the secrets of grassroots changemakers in New Mexico, showing how ordinary people everywhere can create extraordinary solutions.” — Jim Hightower, populist author, radio commentator, and editor of The Hightower LowdownReply Reply All Forward