Paola Gianturco, author "Wonder Girls"

Air Dates: February 24-26, 2018

Last week's tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has given rise to passionate and articulate voices of high school students calling for change in our gun laws and action from politicians and citizens. These young activists are dedicated to righting a grievous wrong, and they are part of a larger movement of young people around the world who are making changes in the world around them.

This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is Paola Gianturco, author of "Wonder Girls: Changing Our World," the first book to document the work of groups of activist girls age 10 to 18 internationally. The book features 15 groups of girls who are tackling challenges in 13 countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.

“Wonder Girls” gives voice to 90 activist girls around the world. These real-life heroes are transforming our world using energy and intelligence, creativity and confidence, determination and dreams. Watching the Parkland students and these international activists, it is time to overturn our assumptions about young people aged 10-18. Some perceive them as “the future.” But RIGHT NOW they are enhancing, education, safety, health, equality, and the environment – and stopping child marriage, domestic violence, trafficking, and war.