Florence Jaramillo, founder and owner, Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant

Air Dates: May 13-15, 2017

This Week’s Guest : FLORENCE JARAMILLO,Creator of the Legendary “Rancho De Chimayo” RestaurantA Living Tribute To The Heritage of New Mexico - The Cuisine, The Land & The Culture

Awards:· Honored As One Of The Nation's Culinary Treasures With The"America’s Classics Award" -- James Beard Foundation, 2016

· Rancho de Chimayo “Best Restaurant in New Mexico” – Edible Magazine, 2016

This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE isFlorence Jaramillo, creator of the legendary Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant, established over 50 years ago as a living tribute to the heritage of New Mexico, honoring the cuisine, the land and the culture.

This March, Jaramillo received the first Women’s Restaurant Award from the NM Restaurant Association who stated, “This award was created to recognize women who have made outstanding contributions to the New Mexico Restaurant Industry, and it is only right that our first recipient would be Mrs. Jaramillo.” March 8, 2017 was designated “Florence Jaramillo Day in New Mexico” by the NM House of Representatives.

Florence Jaramillo has had a position on both the New Mexico Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association board of directors, where she served as the first New Mexican on that board. In 1987, Florence received the highest honor the New Mexico Restaurant Association bestows on a restaurant owner, the Restaurateur of the Year. The National Restaurant Association followed with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rancho de Chimayo was honored as one of the nation's culinary treasures in 2016 when the restaurant was rewarded the "America’s Classics Award" for their delicious traditional New Mexican dishes by the James Beard Foundation.

Last year, Edible Magazine declared Rancho de Chimayo “Best Restaurant in New Mexico.” With this long list of achievements, it is no wonder food critic Ben Kendall said of the restaurant, “There’s more than one pilgrimage destination in Chimayó.”

To celebrate the restaurant's 50th anniversary, The Rancho De Chimayo Cookbook, written by Bill and Cheryl Alters Jamison, published a special 50th anniversary edition.