Representatives Jim Dines (R-Bernalillo) and Bill McCamley (D-Dona Ana)

Air Dates: February 4-6, 2017

February 1, 2017 -- This week's guests on REPORT FROM SANTA FE are Representatives Bill McCamley (D-Dona Ana) and Jim Dines (R-Bernalillo), cosponsors of HJR 8 (the Ethics Commission), discussing ethics, the "revolving door," economic development, unaffiliated voters voting in primaries, and other red hot topics from the Legislative Session.

House Joint Resolution 8 (HJR 8) sets up an independent ethics commission in New Mexico, one of 8 states in the USA that doesn't have such a commission. Common Cause has polled the public and 89% of voters want an ethics commission, and 86% of our business owners also support it. A bicameral and bipartisan effort, HJR 8 was introduced by four lawmakers Reps. Dines, McCamley, Small, and Sen Steinborn.

Dines' “Revolving Door” legislation, HB 73, prohibits former statewide elected officials from becoming paid lobbyists for 2 years – essentially a “cooling off period” -- after their service. Polling shows that 90% of NM voters support this.

McCamley speaks about the successful economic development programs at place in New Mexico, such as LEDA (the Local Economic Development Act) and JTIP (Jobs Training Incentive Program) and how they can be augmented. He describes other new innovative jobs and economic development ideas


“I think there is a real gap in trust between people and government officials right now. It is pretty obvious, and we have a responsibility to try to bridge that gap because if we don’t, democracy doesn’t work.” – Rep. McCamley

“My policy is I don’t take any free meals, free gifts or free anything. I pay my own way if I do attend something, I will bring a check and pay for my meals because I think it was important to set a good standard for good government for people to understand that we can do it a different way.” -- Rep. Dines