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Temple Grandin

Air Dates: January 12-June 14, 2008

Naomi Klein "The Shock Doctrine"

Air Dates: January 1, 2008
Naomi  Klein  Naomi Klein Watch Episode

Pat Oliphant

Air Dates: December 22, 2007
Pat Oliphant Pat Oliphant Watch Episode

Bill Richardson 6/18

Air Dates: June 18, 2007
Bill Richardson 6/18 Bill Richardson Watch Episode

Governor Bill Richardson

Air Dates: June 7, 2007
 Governor Bill Richardson Bill Richardson Watch Episode

Gore Vidal, Part Two, History and Politics

Air Dates: May 26, 2007
Gore Vidal discusses History and Politics Watch Episode

Howard Zinn 5/21

Air Dates: May 21, 2007
Howard Zinn 5/21 Howard Zinn Watch Episode

Gore Vidal, Part One Literature, Film, and Culture

Air Dates: May 19, 2007
Gore Vidal, Part One   Literature, Film, and Culture Gore Vidal - Part 1 Watch Episode

Robin Williams 5/14

Air Dates: May 14, 2007
Robin Williams 5/14 Robin Williams Watch Episode

Jane Goodall 4/15/07

Air Dates: April 15, 2007
Jane Goodall 4/15/07 Jane Goodall More