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James Cromwell

Air Dates: April 26, 2009
James Cromwell Actor James Cromwell, whose roles as Farmer Hoggett in "Babe," President Bush Senior in "W," Prince Philip in "The Queen," the corrupt police captain in "LA Confidential" have garnered praise, awards, and fans. In this warm, engaging interview, Jamie Cromwell speaks about his life as an actor and describes how his work in "Babe" brought him to animal activism, and how being in "The Education of Little Tree" encouraged his work with Native American peoples and ideals. Watch Episode

Representatives "Lucky" Varela and Larry Larranaga

Air Dates: April 19, 2009
Representatives Representative Luciano "Lucky" Varela (D-Santa Fe) and Representative Larry Larranaga (R-Albuquerque) discuss "double dipping" and Governor Richardson's veto of Varela's House Bill 616 "Public Retirees Returning to Work." They look back at the recent 60-Day Session and the difficulties of crafting the state budget for the rest of this year, given the $450,000 shortfall, and next year's budget as well. Varela and Larranaga provide an in-depth look at the state retirement funds, the College of Santa Fe, ethics reform, SHARE and the Dept. of Transportation, water issues, and the federal stimulus funds. Watch Episode

Governor Toney Anaya

Air Dates: April 12, 2009
Governor Toney Anaya Former Governor Toney Anaya discusses his current appointment by Governor Richardson to head the Office of Recovery and Reinvestment which oversees the distribution of the almost $2 billion dollars coming to New Mexico as part of the federal stimulus funds. Anaya describes his past concerns with the death penalty, his early efforts for a train that became the RailRunner 30 years later, and the similarities in the economic climate in New Mexico now and when he was governor from 1983-1986. Watch Episode

Alan and Anthony Arkin

Air Dates: April 5, 2009
Alan and Anthony Arkin Actors Alan Arkin, winner of the 2008 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in "Little Miss Sunshine" and his son Anthony Arkin whose documentary "State of Rock" was featured in the Santa Fe Film Festival. Anthony Arkin describes his love of directing and filmmaking and explores the future of independent film. Alan Arkin discusses his musician past, his comedy work with Second City, and his extraordinary acting career. He explains why nobody listens to his advice about how to make it in the movies, and what brought him to live in New Mexico. Watch Episode

Senator Tom Udall

Air Dates: March 29, 2009

Representative John Heaton

Air Dates: March 8, 2009
Representative John Heaton Representative John Heaton Watch Episode

Senator Kent Cravens; Senator Pete Campos & Rep. Joseph Campos

Air Dates: March 1, 2009
Senator Kent Cravens; Senator Pete Campos & Rep. Joseph Campos Senator Kent Cravens (R-Bernalillo & Sandoval) discusses DWI issues in New Mexico, ignition interlock devices, and his family's forgiveness of Gordon House, the soon-to-be paroled man who caused the fatal accident on Christmas Eve in 1992 that killed the Senator's brother's wife and their 3 little girls, and which galvanized the fight against drunken driving in New Mexico. Also appearing on this week's "Report from Santa Fe" are Senator Pete Campos (D-District 8) and his cousin the Mayor of Santa Rosa Representative Joseph Campos (D- Distsrict 63) exploring green energy issues, ethics, healthcare, capital outlay problems and the beautiful Bless Me,Ultima Rudolfa Anaya Sculpture Park in Santa Rosa. Watch Episode

Senators Sue Wilson Beffort and Dede Feldman

Air Dates: February 21, 2009
Senators Sue Wilson Beffort and Dede Feldman Senator Sue Wilson Beffort, (R-Sandia Park) and Senator Dede Feldman, (D-Albuquerque) present an in-depth discussion of ethics reform legislation and explore healthcare topics such as the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool and the role of the late Patty Jennings in providing insurance coverage to needy New Mexicans. Watch Episode

Senator Johnh Arthur Smith and Representative "Kiki" Saavedra

Air Dates: February 15, 2009
Senator Johnh Arthur Smith and Representative Senator John Arthur Smith, (D-Deming)Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and Representative Kiki Saavedra, (D-Bernalillo & Valencia)Chair of the House Appropriations and Finance Committee. This is first time the two chairs of the powerful legislative finance committees have appeared together in an in-depth television interview. These two lawmakers share over 50 years of experience of dealing with financial matters in the legislature. Smith and Saavedra offer compelling insights into our current fiscal crisis, the budget shortfall, the global economic meltdown, and resonances of the Great Depression. Watch Episode

Rep. Janice Arnold Jones and Senator Mary Kay Papen

Air Dates: February 8, 2009
Rep. Janice Arnold Jones and Senator Mary Kay Papen Representative Janice Arnold-Jones (R-Bernalillo) and Senator Mary Kay Papen (D-Dona Ana) present an in-depth discussion of problems with the regional housing authorities, the challenges of webcasting legislative committees, and the difficulties of dealing with the budget shortfall. Watch Episode