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Naomi Klein "The Shock Doctrine"

Air Dates: January 1, 2008
Naomi  Klein  Naomi Klein Watch Episode

Pat Oliphant

Air Dates: December 22, 2007
Pat Oliphant Pat Oliphant Watch Episode

Bill Richardson 6/18

Air Dates: June 18, 2007
Bill Richardson 6/18 Bill Richardson Watch Episode

Governor Bill Richardson

Air Dates: June 7, 2007
 Governor Bill Richardson Bill Richardson Watch Episode

Gore Vidal, Part Two, History and Politics

Air Dates: May 26, 2007
Gore Vidal discusses History and Politics Watch Episode

Howard Zinn 5/21

Air Dates: May 21, 2007
Howard Zinn 5/21 Howard Zinn Watch Episode

Gore Vidal, Part One Literature, Film, and Culture

Air Dates: May 19, 2007
Gore Vidal, Part One   Literature, Film, and Culture Gore Vidal - Part 1 Watch Episode

Robin Williams 5/14

Air Dates: May 14, 2007
Robin Williams 5/14 Robin Williams Watch Episode

Jane Goodall 4/15/07

Air Dates: April 15, 2007
Jane Goodall 4/15/07 Jane Goodall More

Stewart Udall and Rep. Tom Udall

Air Dates: April 23, 2006
Stewart  Udall and Rep. Tom Udall Senator Tom Udall, (D-New Mexico) and his father Stewart Udall discuss energy issues and the Peak Oil Crisis. Stewart Udall was Cabinet Secretary for the Interior under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, and was a member of the US House of Representatives from Arizona. Our new Senator Tom Udall describes the difference between being in the House and the Senate, between serving under the old administration and the new, and his progress on getting renewable electricity standards passed in the Senate and his amendment to the big Economic Recovery Act that helps returning veterans find work. More