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Diane Denish

Air Dates: January 16, 2010
Diane Denish Diane Denish, Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico, whose responsibilities include being the presiding officer of the New Mexico State Senate. From that unique perspective, Denish evaluates the upcoming Legislative Session, addressing budget issues, ethics reform and predatory lending initiatives, along with updating small business concerns gathered in her recent meetings around the state. The Lt. Governor tackles many of the hot topics facing the legislature, but points out the resiliency and strength of New Mexicans, saying, "I think people do realize we are in tough times, but we are tougher than the tough times we are in." Watch Episode

Greg Mortensen

Air Dates: January 9, 2010
Greg Mortensen Greg Mortenson, author, "Three Cups of Tea" and "Stones into Schools." "Three Cups of Tea" has sold over 3 million copies, and been on the New York Times best seller list for over 3 years. Mortenson and his Central Asia Institute have built 130 schools, mostly for girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His books are required reading for military personnel on the ground in these areas. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Mortenson is a rare and inspiring being. Watch Episode

Garrey Carruthers

Air Dates: January 2, 2010
Garrey Carruthers Governor Garrey Carruthers, Dean of the College of Business at New Mexico State University, and Chair of the Governor's Committee on Government Efficiency. The former governor discusses the current state of affairs in New Mexico, addressing budget issues, health care, education and other hot topics. Watch Episode

Margaret Atwood & Graeme Gibson - December 19, 2009

Air Dates: December 19, 2009
Margaret Atwood & Graeme Gibson - December 19, 2009 Authors Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson,discussing their new books. Often called the Queen of Canadian Literature, Atwood has been writing for 50 years and has been awarded many literary prizes, including the Booker Prize for the Blind Assassin, The Prince of Asturias Prize, the Governor’s Award, as well as the Arthur C. Clark Award, among others.Best known for the Handmaid’s Tale, Moral Disorder, Oryx and Crake, Atwood presents her futuristic new book The Year of the Flood. Graeme Gibson wrote fiction for years, and has now branched out into nonfiction with his books The Bedside Book of Birds andThe Bedside Book of Beasts. Sumptuously illustrated and well researched, Gibson explores the roles of predators and birds andbeautifully explores what mankind learns frombirds and beasts. From Atwood's futuristic novels, to Gibson's keen awareness of the knowledge and power we derive from animals, both authors reveal possible futures and the choices we have to make to preserve our natural world, and provide rich and compelling interviews. Watch Episode

Haleh Esfandiari - December 12, 2009

Air Dates: December 12, 2009
Haleh Esfandiari - December 12, 2009 Haleh Esfandiari author, My Prison, My Home, a distinguished American scholar held in Iran in solitary confinement. Watch Episode

Lowell Catlett

Air Dates: October 24, 2009
Lowell Catlett Lowell Catlett Watch Episode

Bill Richardson - October 17, 2009

Air Dates: October 17, 2009
Bill Richardson - October 17, 2009 Governor, Bill Richardson Watch Episode

Bill Fulginiti

Air Dates: September 26, 2009
Bill Fulginiti Bill Fulginiti, Executive Director, New Mexico Municipal League Watch Episode

John Garcia 08/29/09

Air Dates: August 29, 2009
John Garcia 08/29/09 John Garcia, Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services, discusses the new Post 9-11 GI Bill and explains why it is such a significant piece of legislation for veterans. He also explores the new legislative committee for Veterans Affairs and the many efforts to deal with the health issues troubling our veterans. Watch Episode

Sandra Cisneros 08/22/09

Air Dates: August 22, 2009
Sandra Cisneros 08/22/09 Sandra Cisneros Watch Episode